Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recorder Solution

So far i seen so many android recording applications , but none of them are providing proper features.

So i decided to release a application , with better audio quality and good features.

This application will provides maximum recording quality possible in your phone.
Using this application you can record speech in Wav format, which is lossless.


1)Lossless audio recording.
2)Meeting recorder.(with pre-recording time)
3) Player with frequency seek(It will give you so much of fun)
5)Orientation support.

1)Audio recording:-you can record lossless audio using this application,
which supports pause/resume.Once you done with recording you can play the file , before saving .
While saving the file, you can assign subject and note, so that you can manage your recordings.

2)Meeting Recorder:-meeting recorder will give the freedom to record a meeting, without missing any point.
In settings you will have to options for meeting recording.
a)Pre-recording time:Lets take a case you are in a meeting and someone is giving speech about some thing.It will take some time to you to realize that it is a important point, now you want to record his speech from the beginning.
How can you do that? It is not possible with normal recorder. But it is possible with Recorder solution.

To achieve this all you need to do is, press start meeting in the meeting screen , when you entered into the meeting.

Whenever you pressed manual capture or time capture you will get the previous 30sec of audio data along with the current data. That means even you started recording with little bit of late, you wont miss starting point of speech.
Watch the video for better understanding.
b)Postpush time:It is the amount of time used for timed capture.

3)Player:while you are playing some audio file , you will get the fun with the real time frequency seek.Record your friends voice and play it in different frequencies.It is really really fun, try it.

4)Organized:- you can organize all your recordings and meetings,with subject and note. you can sort by ascending or descending order.

Please rate the app , If you like it.Any suggestion and help please leave a comment.

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